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Survey changes

The survey questionnaire can be found here and is also available, along with other survey documents, on the NHS Staff Survey website.

The survey questions are aligned to the People Promise and two main themes of Staff Engagement and Morale (see People Promise and Themes dashboard for more details).

Key changes to the 2022 survey:

Following the redevelopment the NHS Staff Survey went through in 2021, it remained unchanged in 2022 for the most part in order to support trend reporting. There were, however, some changes:

  • In addition to the substantive survey, a separate survey using a tailored questionnaire was extended to bank staff. Please note, bank survey results are reported separately and are not included in the current dashboards.
  • The 2022 Staff Survey was the first edition of the survey in which all participating organisations were mandated to survey all their eligible staff (a census), rather than a smaller sample. Please note, whilst required to invite all eligible staff, a census approach does not mean all staff are mandated to respond.

The 2022 questionnaire underwent minimal change compared to 2021.

5 questions were re-introduced, and 1 question's wording was amended. The 5 questions re-introduced cover patient safety (Q17 and Q18a-d).

Trend results for these questions are not reported in 2022 due to changes in question wording and wider survey redevelopment, meaning 2022 results are not comparable to previous years.